Spa Treatments


Spa Treatments


The Feel Good Relaxing Massage ~ $85 an hour
Swedish massage techniques help release tension in tight muscles to relax the body and calm the mind. Pressure is light to medium.

Chakra Aromatherapy Massage ~ $85 an hour
Blended for each of the seven chakras the chakra of the day aromatherapy oil will help create balance energetically while your therapist massages away tension. Experience the healing power of essential oils. Pressure is light to medium.

Sore To The Core Deep Tissue/Sports Massage ~ $85 an hour
Your treatment begins with  heat on chronically tight shoulders or low back to soften dense muscle tissue. Your therapist will use trigger point therapy, deep tissue release and sports injury techniques for more specific and detailed work. Pressure is medium to deep.

Sacred Stone Massage ~ $85 an hour
Perfectly warmed stones glide across the body melting away tension. Your therapist will use the heated stones as a tool to help release tight areas. The heat encourages the muscles to relax, the mind to let go. Pressure is medium to deep.

The Massage/Facial Combo ~ $125 (90 minutes)
When you just can’t decide because you really need both! The best of both worlds. Begin face down with much needed work on back/neck/shoulders, once face up your complete facial begins. The perfect combo!

Sacred Sole Foot Work Reflexology ~ $85 an hour
It is believed that the macrocosm of the body is found as a microcosm on the sole of your foot. All organs, glands and systems reflect on your sole, thus the entire body can be addressed by specific protocols performed in a reflexology session.

Spot Work Neck &Shoulders (30 min)~ $45 /30 minutes
If time is an issue but you have a trouble spot this 30 minute treatment fits the bill. Short, sweet, and to the point.


Lymphatic Massage ~ $85
A light specific technique that stimulates the immune system and encourages lymph to flow and drain. Soothing essential oils with detoxifying properties aid in this treatment.

Seasonal Skin Scrub ~ $85
Changes in the season, change the skin as well. Cold winters and hot summers can leave the skin dull, dry and flaky. We recommend an exfoliation with the change of each season to reveal healthy, radiant skin. This treatment begins with a dry brushing technique that not only helps detoxify but feels amazing.


Ultra-Hydrating Facial Massage ~ $85
Desert dryness can take a toll. This facial is a moisture surge for dry skin types. Especially sun damaged skin or hyper-pigmentation. Skin is brightened and renewed  revealing dewy, glowing and youthful skin.

Age defying Facial Massage ~ $85
Growing old gracefully? Why? Firm sagging skin and combat fine lines and wrinkles for advanced age correction. Skin is plumped and regenerated.  May require staying out of the sun for 24 hours and sunscreen is a must.


Chakra Clearing & Balance ~ $85
Energy work can help center, balance and redirect. Working with the spiritual aspects of your being rather than the physical to restore your energy centers.


How To Spa

How To Spa

At Sacred Space Spa, our intention is to facilitate an experience that imparts the sacredness, peacefulness and healing aspects of the landscape that surrounds us.

The Basics

We ask that you arrive for your treatment 15 minutes before your scheduled time. This will give you time to fill out our client in-take form, have a cup of tea and relax for a moment before heading into your treatment. It is a good idea to shower before your treatment. If you have not had time, please let us know and we will arrange for a pre-treatment shower.

Cancellation Policy

We require that you advise us 24 hours in advance if you are not able to keep your scheduled appointment time. We understand that unforeseen circumstances can arise. However, we have made special consideration to be here for you, if you are not able to do the same we will assess a cancellation fee of $35.00. No exceptions.


It is customary to tip your therapist for services rendered, especially if you have had an amazing experience. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and provide phenomenal service.